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Discuss Neironix, Rating Analytical Agency.
You definitely know about web ratings like Icobench, Icodrops, Icoholder and etc. The site only reviews ICO, unlike Neironix, which reviews 3 projects at once! Ie Exchange, Coin and ICOs. Well, below I will write an explanation about the Neironix Project.

  • What is the Neironix Project?
  • Why must you participate in Neironix ICO?
  • How do you participate in Neironix ICO?

What is the Neironix Project?

Neironix is your very first global evaluation agency of the evaluation of investment risks in the blockchain market, where evaluations are awarded to jobs automatically determined by the results of qualitative grading, neural networks and multidimensional analysis of the wonderful number of information. The Expert risk management standard ISO 3100:2018E is used in Neironix evaluation methodology (

The picture below explains how Neironix works.

Why must you participate in Neironix ICO?

Work projects are available for use by investors and ICO members. You can visit the Neironix project 

It’s very clear that this Neironix is ​​a project that is truly ready! You also need to know about the new Neironix product, the Application for Mobile Phone users. Available for Android and IOS

You can find out more about this Neironix Project by reading the Neironix Whitepaper

So, How do you participate in Neironix ICO?

Register on the ICO Neironix website
This is important, before you invest in Neironix ICO read first about the Neironix policy for KYC / AML here

ICO/Token Sales Detalis

Token NRX
Price 1 NRX = 0.5 USD
Platform Ethereum
Accepting BTC, ETH
Minimum investment 0.1 ETH
Soft cap 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap 31,000,000 USD
Country Estonia
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist

Until now the Neironix Project has reached USD 500,000 in the sale of its Tokens. And you should not miss getting a 35% Bonus until September 30th.

Okay, if there is something you want to ask. You can directly visit the following link that can help:

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